About the Iowa County Landfill

The Regional Environmental Improvement Commission (REIC) operates the Iowa County Landfill. The landfill is located on Highway 6, two miles east of Homestead on 120 acres, with an estimated life expectancy of fifty years. Landfills have made many changes over the past several years and are closely monitored by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Some items have been banned for environmental reasons and some items require special handling, but can still be landfilled.

What we will take

There are designated areas at the landfill where certain materials may be disposed of: Metal, household trash/items, construction/demolition debris, appliances, electronics and tires must be placed in specific areas. Appliances, electronics and tires are then picked up for recycling. 


Environmentally safe electronic waste disposal is available at the Iowa County Landfill. Electronic waste includes computers, monitors, keyboards, printers, TVs, stereos, copiers, DVDs, VCRs and other small electronic items. These items contain lead and other substances which are harmful to the environment if disposed of improperly. 

Recyclable items

The landfill contracts with DNR approved recyclers to dispose of or recycle these items. When loading up, try to separate these types of items to make unloading easier.