If you are a Johnson County resident or business, you must use the Iowa City Landfill. Visit their website here.



Disposal Fees

We accept waste from residents and businesses operating in Iowa County.

Waste Generated in Iowa County

$10 minimum charge for loads weighing less than 400 lbs. or $55/ton


Waste Generated Outside Iowa County



To accept waste generated outside of the county, businesses must comply with Iowa waste flow regulations. Click here for more information.


Tree and Brush Waste



We do not accept yard waste like grass clippings, leaves, etc.


We provide recycling programs for cardboard, metal, electronics, appliances, tires, lithium ion batteries, and light bulbs.

Recycling Fees


Accepted at no charge.






Computer Monitors: $7/unit

Televisions <19": $8/unit

Televisions >19": $15/unit

Large Console Televisions: $20/unit

Desktop printers, fax, copiers, etc.: $3/unit

Large printers, fax, copiers, etc.: $15/unit



Rechargeable and car batteries accepted

at no charge. Click here for more information.





Light Bulbs

Fluorescent Ballasts containing PCBs: $10/unit

Fluorescent Ballasts no PCBs: No charge

Fluorescent Bulbs <10: No charge

Fluorescent Bulbs >10: $1/each



Car and light truck tires w/no rim: $5/each

Car and light truck tires w/rims: $7/each


Heavy truck tires w/no rim: $15/each

Heavy truck tires w/rim: $18/each


Large tires (semi, road grader, etc.) w/no rim: $25/each

Large tires (semi, road grader, etc.) w/rim: $40/each


Super single w/no rim: $20/each

Super single w/rim: $25/each


Tires per pound (rear tractor, large size, etc.): $0.12/pound

We provide a drop-off program for Household Hazardous Materials to Iowa County residents at no charge. Drop-off is available Monday-Friday only 9 AM - 2 PM.


Commonly accepted items include cleaners, pesticides, oil-based paint, oil, anti-freeze, light bulbs, and lithium ion batteries.


Please dry your latex paint and dispose of it in your garbage.


We do not accept ammunition, explosives, radioactive materials, or medical waste.



We do not accept hazardous materials from businesses. Please contact the Cedar Rapids/Linn County Solid Waste Agency at (319) 377-5290 to determine eligibility for the Very Small Quantity Generator (VSQG) program.

Hazardous Materials





If your business is interested in a free consulation service to determine if you have materials that could be reused or recycled, contact the Iowa Waste Exchange at (319) 365-9941 ext. 121 or visit their website here.