If you are a Johnson County resident or business, you must use the Iowa City Landfill. Visit their website here.


Waste Accepted at the Landfill

We accept tree and brush waste for $55/ton. We do not accept yard waste like grass, leaves, landscaping, or garden plants. Yard waste is banned from disposal in Iowa landfills.


Managing Yard Waste on Your Property

If you have yard waste, there are many ways to use this valuable material on your property. You can leave grass clippings on your lawn after you mow to create beneficial mulch. If you do not have thick layers of leaves, you can mulch fallen leaves with your lawn mower. Using mulch can retain soil moisture, suppress weeds, and improve the soil.


Another option for managing yard waste is composting, and you can add the finished compost to your garden, landscaping, and lawn. If you compost yard waste, you can include other waste from your household like vegetable and fruit peels, coffee grounds, egg shells, etc. Do not compost animal products, diseased plants, or weeds. There are many methods for composting including a pile, bin, tumbler, or other commercially available system. 


Community Yard Waste Options

If you live in Marengo or North English, you can use the community yard waste site. If you live in other areas of Iowa County, you can follow local guidelines for managing and/or burning yard waste. Amana Society shareholders can use the community yard waste site.


Tree, Brush, and Yard Waste